Layali Alawad is a Syrian Artist based in Germany. She was born in Aachen 1990, however, shortly after, her family moved to Damascus where she grew up and did her Bachelor specializing in “Graphic and Printing Technic“ at the Academy of Fine Arts, Damascus University in 2013. Her graduation project: Images from memory covered four printing techniques (Linoleum, Intaglio, silk screen and Lithograph). During her studies, Layali participated in many exhibitions and workshops in Damascus and other Syrian cities.

In 2014, and due to the civil war in Syria, Layali and her Family returned back to Germany, to the city where she was born, Aachen, to continue and develop her career in Europe. Since then, she focused her artistic output on painting rather than printing techniques due to the limitations of equipment and workspace. She has taken part in numerous exhibitions and workshops in different cities in Europe as Stadtmuseum “Haus zum Löwen“ Isenburg and Stadtmuseum Dresden in Germany and Landmuseum van Valkenburg in the Netherlands and other galleries in Belgium, Italy and France.

In 2020 Layali completed a Master of Fine Arts at Alanus University in Bonn, Germany under the supervision of Dr. Ulrike Uller Rüter and currently working as an independent artist in Aachen. 

Foto by Thomas Langens.

Solo Exhibition:

2019 annually Exhibition at Markus church in Cologne Germany

2016 “Syrian Icons” at the international Meeting center Dresden Germany

Selected Group Exhibitions:

2021 Vourwentongen Frauenzungen at the Gallery PontArte Maastricht Netherlands.

2021 Arche´ Architecture of Universe at Spazio Bocciofila in Giudecca Venedig Italy.

2020 Götterfunken Exhibition at science center Bonn Germany.

2020 Entbrannt Exhibition at the Atelier from Mary Bauermeister in Reicheshof Oberbach Germany.

2019 Sound and Imagination Exhibition at the Gallery Bernd Bentler in BonnGermany.

2019 In another Light at the Gallery Frutti dell’Arte in Aachen Germany.

2019 Mydentities Exhibition at Land Museum van Valkenburg Netherlands.

2019 Mydentitys Exhibition at Alten Schlachthof cultural center Eupen Belgium.

2019 Mydentity at Aula Karolina Aachen Germany.

2018 “Inizio” at Gallery Frutti dell’Arte Aachen Germany.

2017 “Fremde Werte” at Gallery Drei Dresden Germany.

2017 “Da.Sein” at the Citymuseum Haus zum Löwen Isenburg Germany.

2017 “Syria art and escape” Exhibition at the Art house Rhenania Cologne Germany.

2017 “Heimat” Exhibition at the Post Kerkrad Netherlands.

2017 “ Madame de A” at Golfe du Morbihan . Chapelle du Bourg Arradon France.

2016 “Nahnu-Wir” Exhibition in Citymuseum Dresden Germany.

2015 “Schwarzer Heiligenschein” Exhibition at Nellbreuning Haus Herzogenrath Germany.

2014 “Adonis resurrection” Exhibition at People’s Gallery Damascus Syria.

2013 “Passion” exhibitionin at Art House Gallery Damascus Syria.

2013 and 2012  annually spring exhibition Damascus Syria.

2013 “Moulawanat Shamiea” Exhibition at Zaman Gallery Beirut Lebanon.

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